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In Switzerland there areā€¦

...ten cantonal universities (UH), nine advanced technical colleges (FH), fourteen colleges of education (PH) and two Swiss federal institutes of technology (ETH).
All these universities and colleges share the quality of having developed and implemented measures for the promotion of equal opportunity or diversity. The establishment and institutionalization of gender studies has, since 2001, progressed furthest at the cantonal universities, but it can also be found in the other higher education institutions (the Specialist Department for Gender Studies at the Zurich University for Applied Sciences was launched in 2003).
Gender studies and equal opportunity (respectively diversity) are contents of university objectives for the years 2013-2016. Higher education policy bodies and organs develop general guidelines and specifications for the fields of equal opportunity and gender studies, which in turn are manifested in federal and regional acts, concepts, action plans, guidelines and directives.
In order to promote a structural anchoring of gender studies and to achieve equal opportunity at Swiss universities and colleges the respective actors network in important societies, specialist associations and groups.