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Gender Studies in Swiss higher education institutes

Internationally, gender studies have been firmly established as a new teaching and research field, which is now a recognized standard in academia, constituting a central quality criterion in the international assignment of research projects and the ranking of higher education institutions.

Universities. Almost all Swiss universities have regular gender studies offers in their programmes, in various forms. During the past two promotion periods (up to 2012) major steps were taken on behalf of the SUK (Swiss University Conference), such as installing professorships and assistant professorships at universities, lunching gender studies centres and achieving a coordination of the teaching and research programmes for the entire country. In addition, a Swiss graduate college network was founded, which, up to now, has been integrated almost completely in the existing structures of the university doctorate level.

The systematic development of gender studies at Swiss universities was launched just a decade ago, so that up to now it has not been possible, despite many successful steps, to finalize and ensure the sustainable structural integration of the field.

The objective of university gender studies for 2016 is therefore the sustainable establishment of the discipline at Swiss higher education institutions and its positioning on the same level as other scientific disciplines. In addition, the existing gender network is to be consolidated and secured in the long term for all of Switzerland.

Universities of Applied Sciences. Gender studies have, due to their application orientation, contributed significantly to the university and location development; this is why advanced technical colleges readily refer to gender studies for their research and advisory activities.

Until 2016 these competences shall be applied to a greater extent in the young talent and human resources development and the departmental research at the advanced technical colleges. IN addition, the expansion of the application orientation towards socially-relevant issues shall contribute to a further consolidation of gender studies. At the advanced technical colleges the national network shall also be consolidated and the cooperation with the universities enhanced.