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Gender Campus


​Swiss universities have been offering events and courses in gender studies since 2001. What then was a budding project in the meantime has evolved into a successful programme. Almost all Swiss universities have undertaken significant steps towards the establishment of complementary teaching and research programmes in gender studies, especially the establishment of permanent professorships and assistant professorships, successful course programmes or modules (BA/MA) as well as Gender Studies Centres.

 Universities of Applied Sciences

​At the Universities of Applied Sciences in Switzerland there are various course offers in different courses of study integrating gender topics. Within the scope of the federal programme for 2013-2016 there is continued sponsorship for applied gender studies projects as well as for projects for the integration of gender in teaching. Some Universities of Applied Sciences have successfully established their expertise and offers in the field of gender studies in the form of specialist departments or institutes. At the Universities of Applied Sciences there are notably further education courses on the topics of gender, equality or diversity.